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These are graphs of the states of this system's NTP peers. The states translate as follows: 0=reject, 1=falsetick, 2=excess, 3=backup, 4=outiyer, 5=candidate, 6=system peer, 7=PPS peer. See http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/html/decode.html for more information on the meaning of these conditions.
Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
time.tritn.com peer_time_tritn_com gauge      
us-wa.ntp.dark-net.io peer_us_wa_ntp_dark_net_io gauge peer_69_195_159_158 gauge      
clock.sjc.he.net peer_clock_sjc_he_net gauge      
ns1.backplanedns.org peer_ns1_backplanedns_org gauge      
christensenplace.us peer_christensenplace_us gauge      
utcnist2.colorado.edu peer_utcnist2_colorado_edu gauge      
0.time.dbsinet.com peer_0_time_dbsinet_com gauge peer_69_10_161_7 gauge      
ns3.weiszhosting.com peer_ns3_weiszhosting_com gauge      
ntp.your.org peer_ntp_your_org gauge peer_74_120_81_219 gauge      
x.ns.gin.ntt.net peer_x_ns_gin_ntt_net gauge peer_0_0_0_0 gauge      
thelinuxman.us peer_thelinuxman_us gauge peer_104_171_118_254 gauge      
70-59-78-13.mpls.qwest.net peer_70_59_78_13_mpls_qwest_net gauge      
segfault.boom.net peer_segfault_boom_net gauge      
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